What We Do

We work closely with advisors to create a customized plan of attack for transitioning a book of business.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • General Process & Timeline Consulting

  • Vendor Discussions, Referrals & Introductions

  • Custodial Communications 

  • Technology & Staff Training

  • Resignation & Client Announcement Letter Drafting

  • Protocol Spreadsheet Review (if applicable)

  • Client Paperwork Generation, Preparation & Delivery

  • Information Gathering & Account Opening

  • Paperwork Submission & Follow Up

  • Rejection & Suspension Reconciliation

  • Overall Process Tracking (master spreadsheet)

Most platforms offer some level of transition assistance, but the bulk of the administrative responsibility falls to the advisor. Having an experienced team in place for the transition is essential to managing the workload in those crucial first few weeks.​

No support staff? No problem. We act as a temporary support staff and handle all custodial arrangements, communications, and administrative efforts so advisors can focus on client commitments. As the workload begins to decrease, we provide basic systems training and a clear exit strategy.​


Existing support staff? Great. We can act as a Project Manager, training employees on the new systems, overseeing the entire process, and filling in where needed the most. Or, we can supplement your existing team and provide experienced and efficient support.

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