Transition Services

How We Help

We work closely with you to create a customized plan of attack for transitioning your book of business. 

Sample services include:

  • Resignation/Client Announcement Letter Drafting

  • Protocol Spreadsheet Review

  • Client Paperwork Generation, Preparation & Electronic Delivery/Mailing

  • Information Gathering & Account Opening

  • Paperwork Submission

  • Rejection/Suspension Reconciliation

  • Overall Process Tracking 

  • Technology & Staff Training

Most platforms offer some level of transition assistance, but the bulk of the administrative responsibility falls to you. Having an experienced team in place for your transition is essential to managing the workload in those crucial first few weeks.​

No support staff? No problem. We handle the administrative account opening and transfer work up front so you can focus on client commitments. As the workload begins to decrease, we provide you with basic systems training so you can begin to process client requests.​


Existing support staff? Great. We'll train them on the new systems, oversee the entire process, and fill in where needed the most. Consider us your project manager.

What You Can Expect

  •  Streamlined process for paperwork completion, submission, and follow up

  •  Tracking spreadsheet showing the current status of each account

  •  Basic understanding of the custodian’s technology

  •  Sufficient time to focus on clients and their needs and concerns

  •  Peace of mind